Milestone Technologies Makes IT Easy for Their Customers

At Milestone, we’re excited about being a leading provider of strategic IT solutions for some of the world’s biggest companies. We offer IT managed services and solutions that can benefit your company, too. “We’re known for our innovative solutions created by people who are passionate about their work,” says Prem Chand, Milestone CEO and founder. […]

Report Shows Milestone Technologies Has $140 Million Impact on North Central California Community

After One Year, Milestone Helps to Boost  Butte County-Chico Economy Fremont, Calif., Nov. 5, 2014 – One year after opening a contact center in Chico, Calif., a new report shows Milestone Technologies has had a $140 million impact on the local economy by creating 436 direct jobs. The burst of hiring over the past year […]

Chico Contact Center’s One Year Milestone

One year ago this week, Milestone was celebrating the opening of its new client contact center in Chico. “We chose Chico because of the people and quality of life,” said Prem Chand, founder and CEO of Milestone Technologies, “and we knew that the product we delivered would be superior because of it and it would be a huge success.” Since it’s opening, we’ve covered Milestone’s presence in Chico, but you may not know what an extraordinary effort went into getting the the facility up and running. The facility was prepared in a record amount of time after an intense effort on the part of Milestone staff in coordination with Team Chico to make it happen. Learn more about what went into opening the client contact center in the video, Building the Chico Contact Center:

Meet MILESTONE’s People – Kyle Dimmick, Solutions Engineer

No two days are alike in Kyle Dimmick’s role as a Solutions Engineer at Milestone Technologies.  Whether it’s new deployments, troubleshooting issues during production, or working in lab environments to test new configurations so that all devices are compatible,  Kyle, with his calm and steady manner, is up for the task.

Milestone_Kyle Dimmick IMG_8765sCurrently, Kyle is working with a client to replace their existing infrastructure with a standard design that is scalable and improves operational costs.  The client’s IT environment had grown organically with the company, but had not been designed for scalability, so Milestone worked with them on redesigning it to meet their needs.

After Kyle is done, the client’s employees will enjoy a consistent work experience across all of its offices. Management, too, gains a lot from the standardized IT design. “The benefits for management,” Kyle said, “are that they know exactly where everything is, what it does, and that its consistent and secure across the board.” This approach provides the client with a template that allows them to build new offices without redesigning their IT infrastructure.

Kyle joined Milestone two years ago and started as a desktop support technician. His interests and abilities, however, opened the door to new opportunities at the company. Kyle began managing one of the service desk accounts soon after he began.

His next opportunity came when Chris Kruse, Solutions Engineering Manager at Milestone, put the word out that he was looking for engineers for his team and Kyle’s manager let him know about the positions. Kyle eagerly applied and interviewed for one of the positions. “Kyle had a great foundation of general IT knowledge that allowed him to build his skill set quickly,” said Chris. “Kyle has rapidly gone from new kid on the block to one of the key players on the team.”

Chris worked with Kyle on a development plan for training that enabled him to assume his current role as a solutions engineer. Kyle credits his success to the strong leadership Chris shows in developing the skills and knowledge of the engineering team. He appreciates the investment Milestone is making in his professional development, too. “Most companies do not develop talent internally, but go outside the company to fill positions,” he said.  At Milestone, employees are encouraged to create development plans to achieve their potential.

Reflecting on his work at Milestone, Kyle notes there is a key attribute to successfully doing what he does. “You must be willing to keep learning,” Kyle said. “You learn something new every day.”

In addition, Kyle said he enjoys working with a variety of companies, where, again, he can learn about them to design and implement the best IT solutions for their needs. His initiative and enthusiasm for learning has set Kyle on an exciting career path that benefits not only him, but Milestone and Milestone’s clients.

Congratulations go out to Kyle, too, who just achieved his Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.

If you would like to learn more about Milestone’s careers, go to

Introducing Milestone’s Corporate Video “Revolutionizing Global IT”

At Milestone, our vision is to revolutionize the way technology is deployed and supported worldwide. Our CEO and founder, Prem Chand, has a passion for providing superior IT services that led him to establish Milestone Technologies in 1997. Early on, Prem recognized how fulfilling it was to provide services that meet the needs of customers […]

MILESTONE Collaboration with Team Chico Wins Awards

Team Chico’s Annual Report 2013-2014 is out and MILESTONE is pleased to be featured in it. The report showcases the work that is being done by members of the Chico community, known as Team Chico, to grow the city’s economy. Although it’s one of the newest members of the community, MILESTONE is already Chico’s third […]

Meet MILESTONE’s People – Phillip Lu, Solutions Engineer

Phillip Lu (left) working with Brett Sevelli (Right), another member of MILESTONE’s outstanding engineering team. When Phillip Lu, Solutions Engineer at MILESTONE, was asked to interview with MILESTONE for a Cisco trained engineering position through Cisco’s Partner Sales Academy he jumped at the chance. Having read up on MILESTONE, Phillip knew it was a growing, […]


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