Milestone Technologies Introduces Platform Engineering Services

In order to succeed in today’s business climate, you have to work with ever-increasing speed and efficiency. In response to this demand, Milestone Technologies recently launched a comprehensive set of IT Solutions that we call Platform Engineering Services. With the IT solutions we’ve developed, your company can optimize its networks’ performance and minimize or even eliminate downtime.


The first of the IT solutions we’re introducing is our Hybrid Network Operations Center (NOC), an intelligent cloud-based ITSM platform that eliminates identification delays and speeds resolution. We think this Hybrid NOC is something extraordinary. Instead of having your engineers wade through data to identify a problem, it quickly provides them with actionable data using strategic automation that they can then use to resolve problems. With this proactive approach you can be assured that your network is performing at optimal levels.

How do we do it? Milestone’s Hybrid NOC, powered by SumoLogic and ServiceNow, is built on their Integrated Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) platform. The resulting ITSM platform automates numerous data triage processes by isolating, organizing, and tracking prioritized information, providing nearly instantaneous identification of network threats and ensuring NOC resources are devoted to resolution development.


“We help Milestone’s clients gain a competitive edge by responding to alerts and events that are critical and keep networks operating,” said Bruno Kurtic, Sumo Logic’s Founding Vice President of Product and Strategy.” He added that they do this by streamlining event detection and remediation services into one elegant solution.

Instead of having your employees do triage that requires them to go through vast amounts of data that delays identification and resolution, increases human error, and drains operational expenses, you can automate the process and speed your response. This strategic automation allows NOC employees at every level to be more productive.

If you would like to learn more, download our white paper, Platform Engineering Services: Hybrid Network Operations Center (HNOC), from our website.

Congratulations to Tara Spencer— Celebrating 15 years of Success at Milestone!

Tara Spencer

The most valuable assets at Milestone are our people. From its roots, Milestone was founded by people who were dedicated, driven, and went above and beyond for the success of clients and the company. Tara Spencer, VP of Corporate Operations, is just that. Tara has continuously demonstrated her dedication and passion for her craft while tremendously contributing to Milestone’s success, helping the company grow to where it is today.

With a background in business operations and facilities management, Tara leads the corporate administration team that handles the day-to-day operational needs at Milestone. “I’m grateful to work alongside Tara,” said Sally Sina-Baltodano, Office Manager. “Her mentorship has helped me grow my career extensively throughout the last 10 years.”

Tara’s leadership has accelerated Milestone’s corporate infrastructure growth worldwide. Her ability to think outside the box and align everyone’s needs and goals throughout the organization is highly valued. “It’s all about the people and the culture. It really has to do with the fact that I have the ability to support all of the different departments gaining knowledge as well as providing insight and process enhancements,” said Tara. “Regardless the group you work within, everyone comes together as a team, striving for the same goals,” she added.

As Milestone continues to grow, we depend on Tara to drive Milestone’s growth, globally, in corporate operations and facilities management. Her dedication, support, and hunger for success have demonstrated what it takes to become an impactful, and valuable asset to Milestone.

Tara, thank you for an incredible 15 years of support– Milestone appreciates your hard work and dedication and is exited for many more years of growth and success!

Meet Milestone’s Employees: Gayden Pack, Data Center Operations Manager


When we think about what drives our business, two words come to mind—Passion and People. Supporting a client that operates one of the largest online content platforms in the world, our people have to be passionate, practice high-standards, and be driven. Milestone helps solve some of the biggest IT challenges in the world, and we do it by investing in our people and leaders– and that’s exactly why Milestone depends on Gayden Pack.

Gayden received her educational background in Corporate Leadership and Development in Portland, Oregon. She later attended an executive coaching program as well as received her CompTIA A+ certification, supplementing her leadership expertise with a technical background. Gayden’s career began as a leadership specialist, providing curriculum design and leadership development support for supervisors at a central Oregon based call center. After taking part in successfully launching the Android platform from its first stages, Gayden moved into operations, eventually managing 11 contact centers across the country, employing more than 6,000 people.


In 2012, Gayden joined Milestone as a technician, repairing servers and resolving general technical issues. Gayden quickly emerged as one of the most valuable managers at Milestone. “Her strong work ethic and leadership skills accelerated her trajectory to an Operations Manager position,” said Rob Pfeifle, Service Delivery Executive. “She developed and implemented a Management Leadership Training Program to all our trainers plus the HR Department. We have even leveraged the training and coaching tools to our broader manager and supervisor population throughout the organization.”

Today, Gayden is the overall Data Center Operations Manager, based in Prineville Oregon. “I love leading and coaching people; it’s in my DNA,” said Gayden. “We’ve built a team that supports the largest companies in the world so it’s essential to have our people be the best in the world at what they do.”

Gayden developed a leadership model built around high-standards and accountability. All new-hires go through a structured “boot-camp,” where they gain the tools and knowledge to enable success for themselves, Milestone and our clients. “The standard I set for my team is that we want our people to be involved. If you have faith and understanding, you can make an impact; and Milestone is the company for you,” she said.


Gayden prides herself in her team’s ability to demonstrate a sense of urgency every second of the day. The industry average time for defective servers to be returned to production is 30 days– Milestone’s turn-around time is 12 hours. “With a client expectation rate of 99%, we’re proud to have delivered a 100% success rate for over a year now,” explained Gayden. “Milestone is literally responsible for keeping the lights on for our client. If our client’s servers in Prineville went down, the world would be in a lot of trouble—but we’d never let that happen,” she added, “they trust us.” Rob Pfeifle added, “From mentoring and developing managers to providing guidance on service issues, Gayden’s operational expertise plays a significant role in Milestone and our clients’ success.”

Looking forward, Gayden is most excited about growing Milestone’s Data Center offerings and defining Milestone’s Managed Services. “I’m very appreciative of the leadership team at Milestone who allow me to grow and see things differently,” said Gayden. She is also providing leadership training to employees across the organization as Milestone continues to provide the best strategic IT support in the world–for our people and for our clients.

Meet Milestone’s Employees: Cisco Trainees David Bastomski and Mitchell Shorum

Before two of Milestone’s newest employees, Mitchell Shorum and David Bastomski, left for the Cisco’s Partner Sales Academy training, they took a few minutes to discuss joining the Milestone team. When Mitch and David, both UCLA graduates with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, were exploring new career opportunities, they recognized the value of Milestone Technologies. Although […]

We’re very pleased to announce Colin Held as Milestone’s 2014 Employee of the Year!

Colin joined Milestone’s team in 2012 as a Lead Helpdesk Tech and has since grown into a Service Delivery Manager role.  His background and focus have always been driven by understanding the end-user’s experience. Responsible for Milestone’s global help desk operations, he and his team create a high-end support environment that is professional, personal and […]

Meet Milestone’s Employees: Chris Kruse, Solutions Engineering Manager

As the lead for Milestone’s engineering team, Chris Kruse says he is looking for people to join the team who have the aptitude, willingness to learn, team mentality, and values that align with Milestone’s values in addition to the necessary technical skills.  As he describes his ideal engineer, it seems that Chris could be describing himself.


Chris went into IT straight out of high school before earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. After relocating to the Bay Area, Chris had a number of opportunities offered to him and was close to choosing one until he got the call to interview with Milestone Technologies. Within two days of the initial call, Chris was offered a position with Milestone as a Security Engineer, a position he found so attractive he accepted immediately and it’s turned out to be a good fit.

“Not only did Chris have the skills we were seeking, but he had the drive to succeed that is so critical in producing results,” said Jay Preston, Milestone’s Vice President of Sales and Engineering. “He has proven to be a leader and was a natural to take over the development of the engineering team.”

In January 2014, Chris was appointed lead of the engineering team, a newly formed group that combines the pre- and post-sales groups to provide seamless service for clients. With his focus and intent gaze as he speaks, it’s easy to understand why Chris would move into a leadership role.

In order to build a strong team, Chris is focusing on the professional and personal development of the staff. Building a broad foundation of skills is key, Chris says, in developing a team with members who perform well regardless of the situation. At Milestone, employees are encouraged to create development plans to achieve their potential.

Philip Lu and Kyle Dimmick, Solutions Engineers at Milestone, had high praise for Chris and their own development plans in helping them succeed. Kyle credits his success to the strong leadership Chris shows in developing the skills and knowledge of the engineering team. As IT services are always changing, Phillip notes that “it’s become too dynamic for one person to manage alone; instead, Chris is working to create a diverse technical team with the expertise to meet the IT needs of a company.”

A team, however, is more than a group of people. As the Solutions Engineering Manager at Milestone, Chris has brought the engineers together as a team so they can learn from each other and continually improve their skills and knowledge in order to provide the best IT solutions and services to clients.

Looking forward, Chris says he is excited to lead a good team and be part of a good company that is growing rapidly.

If you would like to learn more about Milestone’s careers, go to

Milestone’s Recap of 2014


This has been an exciting year for us at Milestone Technologies. We’ve seen incredible growth across Milestone in 2014. Before we move on to 2015, here are a few of the highlights for the current year:

Milestone’s Vision

Our vision at Milestone, simply put, is to revolutionize the way technology is deployed and supported worldwide.

“At Milestone, we have always seen our duty as providing our clients with the solution, whatever form it takes, to bringing their internal IT operations to the current industry state-of-the-art and beyond,” said CEO and President Prem Chand. “If it means custom-filling gaps in their operations, we are ready to do that. And we will grow with these clients as their new IT infrastructure leads them to even greater productivity and success.”

We produced a video Revolutionizing Global IT that expresses our approach to technology and the companies that we serve.

Milestone’s Chico Contact Center

The contact center in Chico is proving to be a success for our clients and Milestone.

“We chose Chico because of the people and quality of life,” said Prem Chand, CEO and President of Milestone Technologies, “and we knew that the product we delivered would be superior because of it and it would be a huge success.”

One year after opening a contact center in Chico, Calif., an economic impact report shows Milestone has had a $140 million impact on the local economy by creating 436 direct jobs. The burst of hiring over the past year makes the Silicon Valley-based IT services firm the largest technology company in Chico and its third largest private employer.

Milestone was featured in Team Chico’s Annual Report 2013-2014, too. The report showcases the work that is being done by members of the Chico community, known as Team Chico, to grow the city’s economy. Milestone and Team Chico have been recognized for their innovative collaboration in bringing Milestone to Chico, which was done in record setting time.

Milestone’s Partnerships

In 2014 Milestone achieved Aruba Platinum partner status — the highest level in Aruba Networks PartnerEdge Program. As Jim Harold, Vice President, Channels, North America, for Aruba Networks, put it, “By achieving Platinum status in our PartnerEdge Program, MILESTONE has demonstrated its commitment to excellence.”

Milestone became a preferred Sumo Logic Integration Partner this year, too. “We are very excited to partner with a company with the reputation and reach of MILESTONE,” said Bruno Kurtic, Sumo Logic Founding Vice President of Product and Strategy.

Working successfully with our partners is important to us. Thank you to Aruba Networks, Apple, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Sumo Logic for the opportunity to work together to provide white-glove service to our customers.

Milestone’s Employees

In response to the Platinum partner status Milestone earned Chris Kruse, Solutions Engineering Manager at MILESTONE, noted that “this partner accreditation by Aruba is a testament to the commitment of our engineers.” Two of Milestone’s engineers Kyle Dimmick and Phillip Lu, were featured in blog posts that can attest to his comment.

In general, Milestone’s employees across the company tend to be a cut above the rest. From this pool of talent comes the difficult task each month of selecting an employee of the month. These employees reflect Milestone’s values and have made an exceptional contribution to the Milestone team.

Our first employee of the month for 2014 is Eric Wilson, Deployment Technician; Gina Cayabyab, Service Delivery Manager, is the February employee of the month; for March, it’s Kinman Cheung, Techwriter; Ryan Mozingo, Data Center Technician, is the April employee of the month; and the employees of the month for May and June are Colin Held, Helpdesk Technician, and Rhett Kennedy, AV/VC Maintenance Technician respectively.

Tanner Wakefield, a member of the Chico team, was selected as the July employee of the month; Ryan Godsil, Shift Point of Contact “SPOC” in Chico team, in August; September’s employee of the month is Anthony Calizar, Web and Graphic Designer; for October, Rina Sario, Accounting Assistant; and Jaxson Andrus, Contact Center Supervisor in Chico, was selected as the employee of the month in November.

Victor Sanchez, project manager in the IMAC (Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes) department, was recognized as MILESTONE’s 2013 Employee of the Year for his consistent efforts to work with staff and clients to provide excellent customer service. The 2014 employee of the year will be named in early 2015.

Milestone’s CEO and President Prem Chand Makes the News

Our CEO and President Prem Chand has been in the news this year. The San Jose Mercury News featured Prem in the article Q&A: Milestone Technologies founder Prem Chand highlighting Milestone’s commitment to providing a higher level of support to our clients.

Prem was interviewed on Inside Silicon Valley – a weekly public affairs radio program on 1590 KLIV that explores the trends, challenges and opportunities facing our region. Prem covers a variety of topics, including the future of IT, what makes MILESTONE special, and career opportunities at MILESTONE.

Silicon Valley author Michael S. Malone conducted one of our favorite interviews with Prem.  Malone recently published The Intel Trinity: How Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove Built the World’s Most Important Company. He has spent his career getting to know the movers and shakers of the Valley. He sat down with Prem last fall to learn about him and how his company, MILESTONE, is changing the world of IT services.

Milestone’s Spirit of Giving

In this holiday season, we also like to reflect on the importance of giving. Many thanks to Milestone employees who generously supported the annual Toys for Tots program. Milestone is pleased to sponsor a number of worthwhile activities, including business awards, sporting events, children’s programs, and educational initiatives.

We’re looking forward to 2015, which promises to be even more exciting than this year.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!


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